When you practice gratitude in every moment you’ll get closer your inner source. The source that is the true essens of being. Your soul. YOU*!* Gratitude for me is the foundation of being in communion with everything and everyone. It’s the pervasive element in love. Gratitude is so expanding for you and everyone you meet when you do practice it.
So what would it take for you to choose gratitude in your life? How would it be like to actually be grateful? For you, for your friends, family and everyone you meet? For nature, the animals and your whole life? In the morning you can say: Just for for today I choose to be grateful for life. Just for today I choose to be grateful for me. Just for today I choose to be grateful for…(who or what ever you’d like to surrender in gratitude for) Ask for gratitude and see what will show up!

Take a look at nature. Watch the gratitude of the flowers receiving the sunlight, perceive the gratitude of the leafs blowing in the wind, the purring gratitude of a cat being petted.Be filled with the nature of gratitude and let everyone you meet take part of it. Be the grateful loving being you are, choose it in every step you take today.

Enjoy life,